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Q:How to wear false eyelashes correctly?
A: 1. Use an eyelash curler to curl your eyelashes to avoid your own eyelashes and false eyelashes being separated into two layers after wearing false eyelashes
2. Use curling mascara to carefully apply eyelashes from the root of eyelashes. Do not apply it too thick or deep. The purpose is to keep the curvature of your own eyelashes.
3. Use tweezers to clamp the false eyelashes and place them above your own eyelashes. Remember to reserve a position of about 3mm at the head of the eye, and cut off the part that is too long at the end of the eye.
4. Use small scissors to cut off the part of the false eyelashes that is too long. Pay attention to trimming the part at the end of the eye and keep the head of the eye.
5. Pinch the ends of the eyelashes and bend them into a fan-shaped arc. The curvature should match the curvature of the eyes.
6. Apply a layer of glue along the stem of the false eyelashes. You can apply more glue on the parts at both ends, because the head and end of the eye are very easy to curl up.
7. Finally, use tweezers to stick the false eyelashes to the root of the eyelashes, and gently adjust the position of the eyelashes with your hands.
The above is the correct way to wear false eyelashes. I would also like to remind the fairies: if your makeup and the false eyelashes you choose are natural and light, then the length of the false eyelashes at the end of your eyes should not exceed your eyes; if the makeup is slightly heavier, then they can be slightly longer than your eyes, but not longer than the length of the eyeliner.
Q:Do I need to use eyelash products after eyelash extensions?
A: You don't need to use mascara after grafting your eyelashes, but you can draw eyeliner. It is best to use eyelash care and strengthening agent to care for your eyelashes every morning and evening or comb your eyelashes with a small eyelash comb. In addition, it is not recommended to use oily eye makeup products on the newly grafted eyelashes. Please use refreshing eye makeup removers. Be gentle when removing eye makeup and avoid grafted eyelashes.
Q:What to do if grafted eyelashes fall off?
A: Human eyelashes undergo metabolism just like hair, and it is normal for grafted eyelashes and human eyelashes to fall off naturally as they mature.
Q:Can I get eyelash extensions if I have eye diseases?
A: Those with eye diseases should postpone grafting; those with highly sensitive eyes should undergo grafting with caution; those with severe myopia are advised to undergo grafting with caution.
Q:How long do eyelash extensions last?
A: Generally speaking, grafted eyelashes can last for three to six weeks. The duration varies from person to person due to different skin types, eyelash growth structures, and personal protection. If you want to protect your own eyelashes from damage, the grafted eyelashes should not be too thick or too long, and should be renewed every two to four weeks.
Q:What are the most important issues to pay attention to when grafting eyelashes?
A: Do not rub your eyes with your hands/towel after grafting eyelashes. This is not only an impact on grafted eyelashes, but also has a certain impact on eyes even without grafted eyelashes. Do not touch water on the same day or for 8-10 hours, and try not to soak eyelashes in water or hot water/hot steam for a long time within 48 hours.
Q:How to Remove False Eyelashes Correctly
A: Many people tear off false eyelashes directly when removing them, which is actually incorrect. This is because it will pull the eyelids, and if you tear them off for a long time, it will easily make the eyelids loose. Secondly, if the false eyelashes are not pasted properly, the real and false eyelashes will stick together, and it is easy to tear off your real eyelashes. Thirdly, the false eyelashes that are torn off directly are prone to deformation, which shortens the number of times they can be reused, and they are easy to be unusable after one use.
Q:How many times can false eyelashes be reused?
A: Generally speaking, ordinary false eyelashes can be used up to 5-6 times, but it still depends on how you use it. Some people may take good care of it, so they can use it about 10 times. Therefore, when we use false eyelashes, we must read the instructions carefully or consult the seller to confirm whether it is disposable or reusable, and strictly follow the instructions for use.
Q:Can false eyelashes be reused?
A: Whether false eyelashes can be reused depends on the specific situation. If they are disposable false eyelashes, they cannot be reused because they are coated with glue. Repeated use can cause local bacterial infection, which may cause corneal ulcers and damage in severe cases. If they are reusable false eyelashes, you can remove the original glue before the next use and stick new eyelashes again. However, it should be noted that repeated false eyelashes tend to become rough, lose their original smoothness, and their service life will also be shortened. Therefore, when choosing false eyelashes, you should choose disposable or reusable false eyelashes according to your needs and budget. Pay attention to hygiene when using them to avoid eye infections.
For reusable false eyelashes, the harder the material of the eyelashes, the less likely they are to deform, and the more times they can be reused. On the contrary, the softer the eyelashes, the easier they are to deform, and the fewer times they can be reused. For example, false eyelashes made of nylon or plastic can be used about 20 times if properly maintained.
1. Product quality assurance:
The company promises that the eyelashes and nail products sold are subject to strict quality inspection to ensure that they meet the relevant standards at home and abroad. Any refund or replacement caused by product quality problems, the company will be responsible for free replacement or maintenance.
two。 User privacy protection:
We strictly abide by applicable privacy regulations and are committed to protecting the security of users' personal information. Customer information will not be disclosed, shared or sold to third parties without consent.
3. Return and exchange policy:
Customers have the right to apply for return and exchange within a reasonable period of time from the date of receipt of the goods, depending on the product category. When returning and exchanging goods, the products should be kept in their original state and will not affect the secondary sales.
4. After-sales service pledge:
We provide professional after-sales support, and we promise to reply and solve any product inquiries or problems within a specified period of time. Free maintenance or replacement of parts shall be stipulated by our company.
5. Legal Compliance statement:
Our products and services strictly follow all applicable laws and regulations on the production and sale of arts and crafts as well as international trade practices to ensure the legitimacy and regularization of enterprise operations.
6. Terms and conditions are revised and updated:
The company has the right to revise and update these terms and policies on a regular or irregular basis. The revised policy will be notified to customers on the company's website or through appropriate means. The continued use of our products or services is deemed to be your acceptance of the revised terms.
7. Dispute resolution:
All disputes arising from the use of our products or services shall be settled through friendly negotiation. If no agreement is reached, either party may bring an action in the court where the company is located.
The above terms and policies aim to establish the rights and obligations of both parties, protect the rights and interests of customers and promote fair trade. The company will strive to implement and ensure that these provisions are fully implemented.
Terms and Conditions
Technical Support
1. Product research and development: We have a professional technical research and development team that constantly investigates market trends and develops new styles of false eyelashes and nail art products to ensure that product designs comply with current fashion trends and meet diversified market demands. 2. Pre-sales service: We provide customers with comprehensive product information introduction and professional consulting services to assist customers in making wise purchasing decisions, including product performance, specification selection and usage guidance. 3. After-sales service: We provide quick-response customer service and problem solutions to ensure that customers get a satisfactory experience and necessary support during use. 4. Training: We provide customers with operation and usage training to ensure that customers can use our products correctly and efficiently. 5. Maintenance: If a malfunction occurs during product use, we will provide professional maintenance services to quickly restore product functions. 6. Upgrade: As technology advances and market demand changes, we will provide product upgrade services to assist customers in maintaining product competitiveness. 7. Consulting services: Customers can obtain our professional consulting services at any stage. Whether it is product information, market dynamics or operational questions, we will provide professional guidance and support.
After-sales service terms of Qingdao Weimei Arts and Crafts Co., Ltd.
1. Product quality assurance:
We promise to our customers that under normal storage and use conditions, all eyelash and nail products sold are in line with industry standards and the product description published by our company. If the product has defects due to manufacturing, materials or non-compliance, the customer can request replacement or maintenance to us within 7 days after receiving the goods.
two。 Return and exchange service:
If due to product quality problems or delivery errors, the customer has the right to request a return or exchange within 7 days after receiving the goods. Our company will bear the corresponding transportation cost of return and exchange of goods. The returned and exchanged products must be complete and unused and packed in good condition.
3. After-sales response time:
We promise to respond to any after-sales service request made by the customer within 24 hours after receiving the request and provide a preliminary solution.
4. After-sales technical support:
If customers encounter any problems in the use of the product, the company will provide free technical guidance service. Our professional technical support team will answer customer inquiries via email, telephone or online communication tools.
5. Confidentiality of information:
In the process of after-sales service, we strictly keep all the information provided by our customers confidential and ensure that this information is only used to solve customer after-sales service problems.
Please note that the above after-sales service terms do not apply to product damage caused by improper use or failure to follow the instructions, or damage caused by force majeure.
After-sales service
Maintenance service
1. Professional team: It has a high-quality and professional technical research and development and maintenance team, and has been deeply involved in the beauty industry all year round to ensure rapid identification and resolution of problems.
2. Comprehensive testing: Provide comprehensive product testing services to ensure that product performance meets original factory standards and extend product life.
3. Original parts: Use original parts produced by the company or specified quality guarantees to ensure product quality and safety after maintenance.
4. Transparent quotation: Before maintenance services, conduct detailed fault diagnosis and provide transparent service quotation without hidden consumption.
5. Rapid response: Quickly respond to customer maintenance needs, reduce downtime, and improve customer experience.
6. Continuous updates: Follow market trends, continuously improve service methods, and use the latest technology to provide innovative maintenance solutions.
7. Quality assurance: Complete post-maintenance inspection process and quality tracking ensure service quality and win customer trust.
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