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Product Parameters
: Multi-functional integration and durability
1 Product name:
4 Function:
3 Applicable objects:
6 User groups:
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: High efficiency
4 Product persistence:
15 Customer evaluation:
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Product Details
Product Introduction
Originated from mainland China, the professional nail polishing tool is a must-have for nail art developed by Qingdao Weimei Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd. This tool is designed for all types of nail art enthusiasts and is suitable for all skin types. It combines multiple functions in one. It can not only polish the surface of the nail plate and eliminate unevenness, but also trim the edges of the nails, easily creating a perfect nail curve. In addition, the product is particularly effective in removing grease from the nail surface, providing ideal preparation conditions for applying nail polish or performing subsequent nail art steps. The product is made of high-quality materials, durable, safe and reliable. With its excellent performance and precise market positioning, this nail polishing tool has become the first choice for nail art enthusiasts. Qingdao Weimei Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd. is committed to continuous innovation to ensure that consumers are provided with efficient and professional nail art solutions.
Advantages and features
1. Multifunctional design: can polish the nail surface, trim the edges, and remove grease, one tool for multiple purposes.
2. High-quality materials: Made of durable and safe materials, ensuring long-term effects and user-friendly.
3. Wide applicability: suitable for nail art enthusiasts with different skin types, compatible with various nail art needs and styles.
4. Professional standards: developed according to the suggestions of professional nail artists to meet the strict requirements of nail art operations.
5. Easy to operate: ergonomic design ensures ease of use, allowing users to easily create perfect nails.
Application Scenario
1. Nail salons: Provide precise tools for professional nail artists to help provide efficient nail services.
2. Home use: Nail art enthusiasts can enjoy professional nail art experience at home.
3. Nail art teaching: Suitable as a teaching tool to help students master basic nail art skills such as polishing.
4. Nail art enthusiasts: Provide convenient professional tool selection for users who love DIY nail art.
5. Gifts and retail: As a preferred gift for nail art related products, it is suitable for retail and e-commerce channels.
Ordering Information
Custom Request
1. Customized demand description: The customer needs to specify the type, specifications and any special design elements of the nail polishing tools to be customized to ensure that the product ultimately meets the specific needs of its market and customer groups.

2. Technical requirements: Customized products must meet or exceed industry standards, including material selection, durability, safety, etc., and corresponding product test reports are required to ensure compliance with technical specifications.

3. Quantity requirements: The customer must clearly specify the minimum order quantity of customized goods, as well as the maximum order limit that may exist based on production capacity and logistics considerations.

4. Delivery period: The customer needs to clearly indicate the expected delivery time in the contract and negotiate with the supplier to determine the actual delivery time to ensure smooth supply chain and timely delivery.

5. Customized samples: Before mass production, the supplier needs to provide customized samples for customer review and approval. The production cost, delivery method and time of the sample should be negotiated with the customer.

6. Customized price: The price of the customized order will be negotiated based on the detailed customization requirements, technical specifications and order quantity, and the final price must be specified by both parties in the contract.

7. Payment method: Customers and suppliers need to agree on a reasonable payment method. Common methods may include prepaying part of the deposit and paying the balance within a certain period of time after delivery.

8. Customization agreement: Customers and suppliers should sign a detailed customization agreement to clarify the responsibilities, rights and obligations of both parties and ensure that the established specifications, delivery time, price and payment terms are followed.

9. After-sales service: Suppliers should provide clear after-sales service policies, including warranty terms, return and exchange policies for customized products, and any technical support or maintenance services.

10. Cooperation mode: It is necessary to clarify whether the cooperation model is a one-time project or a long-term cooperation relationship. If it is a long-term cooperation, the phased goals and performance evaluation mechanism of the cooperation should be planned in detail.
Packing & Delivery
1. Packaging specifications: All nail polishing tools are packed with shockproof materials that meet export standards to ensure the safety and integrity of the products during transportation.
2. Transportation methods: Provide a variety of transportation options according to customer needs, including sea, air, and land transportation to ensure that the products arrive at destinations around the world on time.
3. Identification and marking: The product packaging will clearly mark transportation warning signs such as "fragile" and "this side up" to remind the carrier to handle carefully.
4. Express delivery method: For small batch orders, provide internationally renowned express services (such as DHL, UPS, FedEx, etc.) to achieve tracking and fast delivery.
5. Protective measures: In addition to standard packaging, additional protective measures such as bubble film, reinforced box corners, etc. can be added for long-distance or special transportation to enhance the protection of the product.
6. Transportation costs: According to the destination, transportation method and the delivery service selected by the customer, provide clear cost estimates and optimized logistics solutions to reduce the customer's transportation costs.
Payment Method
Return and Refund
* * refund policy * *

* * return Policy: * *

1. * * return time * *: after receiving the product, if the customer finds that the product has quality problems or does not conform to the specifications of the order, he can apply for a return within 7 working days after receipt of the product. Except for special products or products customized according to the customer's special requirements.

2. * * return process * *:
-* * apply for return * *: please submit the return application through the official customer service channel, including the purchase certificate (such as the order number), and describe the reasons for the return in detail.
-* * return Review * *: we will review the return reason within 2 working days. If the return reason is true, we will provide the return guide and return address.
-* * return delivery * *: the customer is required to complete the packaging of the goods and all accessories in accordance with the guidelines provided and return them to our designated address within a specified time.
-* * Commodity Inspection * *: after receiving the returned goods, we will inspect and confirm the goods within 3 working days.
-* refund processing *: after confirming that the goods meet the return conditions, we will apply for a refund within 7 working days.

3. * * return conditions * *: the product must remain in its original state, not in use, and will not affect the secondary sales. Product packaging, accessories, instructions and other original accessories are complete, no man-made damage or use traces.

4. * * Special Note * *: if the product is damaged in the course of transportation, please record it and reject it when signing for acceptance, which will be handled by us in consultation with the logistics company directly.

* * refund policy: * *

1. * * refund method * *: the refund will be returned to the customer's payment account in the same way as the customer paid.

2. * * refund time * *: after the refund process starts, the customer will receive a refund within 7 working days.

3. * damaged or lost on arrival * *: if the product is damaged or lost in transit, we will refund or resell the goods for free for customers to choose from.

4. * * return for non-quality problems * *: if the customer needs to return the goods due to personal reasons (the product is in good condition, wrong order, etc.), the customer should bear the relevant logistics expenses.

* * Protection of customer rights and interests: * *

-* * Transparency Policy * *: the return and refund policy will clearly inform the customer at the time of purchase to ensure that the customer is aware of their rights and interests.
-* * efficient service * *: to improve customer satisfaction, ensure that the return and refund process is simple and fast, and reduce customer inconvenience.
-* * Professional support * *: provide professional customer service team to answer customer questions and accompany the whole process of return and refund.

* * Building trust and financial control: * *

-* strict implementation * *: all return and refund operations are carried out in accordance with the standard procedures established by the company to ensure consistency and traceability.
-* Financial transparency * *: the refund process is strictly recorded to ensure the accuracy of each refund and the feasibility of audit, so as to help enterprises carry out financial control.

* * competitive advantage: * *

-We offer a more efficient return and refund policy than industry standards, providing customers with additional confidence to stand out in a highly competitive market.
Corporate Information
QingdaoWeBeauty Arts&Crafts Co.,LTD
500 million
Total annual income
On-time delivery rate
Response time
Construction area
Service Guarantee
Service Information
West Coast New Zone,Qingdao,Shandong Province,China
Advisory Message
Pre-sales advice
Enterprise pre-sales consultation contact information:
1. Company name: Qingdao Weimei Arts and Crafts Co., Ltd.
2. Main products: eyelash, nail products and other beauty crafts
3. Trade type: Import and export trade
4. Business model: B2B
5. Consultation telephone: [15275278702]
6. Email: [[email protected]]
7. Official website: [Please provide a link to the company's official website or online consultation page]
8. Office address: [1612, T3 Floor, West Coast Center, Shandong Port Building, West Coast New District, Qingdao City, Shandong Province]
9. Working hours: [Please clearly state working days and time range]
After-sales service
After-sales service terms of Qingdao Weimei Arts and Crafts Co., Ltd.
1. Product quality assurance:
We promise to our customers that under normal storage and use conditions, all eyelash and nail products sold are in line with industry standards and the product description published by our company. If the product has defects due to manufacturing, materials or non-compliance, the customer can request replacement or maintenance to us within 7 days after receiving the goods.
two。 Return and exchange service:
If due to product quality problems or delivery errors, the customer has the right to request a return or exchange within 7 days after receiving the goods. Our company will bear the corresponding transportation cost of return and exchange of goods. The returned and exchanged products must be complete and unused and packed in good condition.
3. After-sales response time:
We promise to respond to any after-sales service request made by the customer within 24 hours after receiving the request and provide a preliminary solution.
4. After-sales technical support:
If customers encounter any problems in the use of the product, the company will provide free technical guidance service. Our professional technical support team will answer customer inquiries via email, telephone or online communication tools.
5. Confidentiality of information:
In the process of after-sales service, we strictly keep all the information provided by our customers confidential and ensure that this information is only used to solve customer after-sales service problems.
Please note that the above after-sales service terms do not apply to product damage caused by improper use or failure to follow the instructions, or damage caused by force majeure.
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