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Product Parameters
: Individuals who pursue beauty and fashion
3. Model:
5. Style:
7. Eyelash stem length:
9. Occasions of use:
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: Advanced production equipment
3. Applicable eye shape:
5. Enhance makeup effect:
7. Business Model:
9. Quality Control:
11. Production Area:
Product Details
Product Introduction
This is a high-quality artificial mink-like false eyelash product launched by Qingdao Weimei Crafts Co., Ltd., which aims to provide beauty lovers with excellent eye styling effects. Each box of products contains five pairs of false eyelashes, suitable for users who pursue heavy European and American styles. The length of the false eyelashes ranges from 15mm to 20mm, with a 35mm eyelash stem, which is easy to fit different eye shapes and enhance the three-dimensional effect of the eyes.
Advantages and features
1. Select high-quality imitation mink hair materials to provide a natural, soft and comfortable wearing experience;
2. Doll series design effectively enlarges the eye contour, creates a clear look, and enhances the makeup effect;
3. Each box contains five pairs to meet the needs of different occasions, heavy European and American style, suitable for users who pursue fashion;
4. The length is 15mm to 20mm, and the 35mm eyelash stem is suitable for a variety of eye shapes and enhances the three-dimensional sense of the eyes;
5. The high-purification production environment is adopted to ensure stable and reliable product quality, which is deeply trusted by the global market.
Application Scenario
1. Suitable for consumers who pursue heavy European and American makeup styles, suitable for daily or special occasions;
2. Essential products for beauty professionals or beauty enthusiasts to create exquisite eye shapes;
3. Fashion experts and those who frequently engage in social activities, occasions where they need to emphasize the charm of the eyes to highlight their personality;
4. Important events such as film and television makeup, fashion shows, wedding celebrations, etc., require perfect makeup matching details;
5. Beauty retailers, business partners who provide outstanding products to meet the changing needs of the market.
Ordering Information
Custom Request
1. Customized demand description and technical requirements: Customers need to provide detailed product specifications, including the length, density, curvature and material requirements of the required false eyelashes (such as imitation mink hair). At the same time, the product packaging design needs to be determined, including box type, color, brand LOGO printing and other requirements.

2. Quantity requirements and delivery period: Customers need to specify the minimum order quantity (MOQ) and the specific time they want to receive the product, so that we can evaluate whether the order can be met based on the customized needs and production capacity, and negotiate to determine the final delivery period.

3. Customized samples and customized prices: Customized sample services are provided. After the customer confirms the sample, we will make a quotation based on the customized requirements, material costs and production complexity. Sample costs can be deducted in large-volume orders.

4. Payment methods and customized agreements: Various payment methods are accepted, including but not limited to wire transfers, letters of credit, etc. Sign a customized agreement to clarify key terms such as product specifications, price terms, payment terms, property rights and confidentiality agreements.

5. After-sales service and cooperation methods: Provide comprehensive after-sales service, including free replacement of product quality problems during the warranty period. Support long-term cooperation and provide regular market analysis and product updates to promote the continued cooperation between the two parties.
1. Packaging specifications: Each box of Thick-high-water-Shaoxing-false-eyelashes contains five pairs of false eyelashes, which are packed in sturdy paper boxes to ensure the safety and integrity of the products during transportation.

2. Transportation methods: The products can be delivered internationally and domestically by sea, air and land transportation. The specific transportation methods depend on customer needs and destinations.

3. Identification and marking: All transportation packages are clearly labeled with product names, models, quantities, manufacturer information, and necessary warning signs (such as fragile product signs).

4. Express delivery methods: A variety of express delivery options are provided, including but not limited to DHL, FedEx, UPS and other internationally renowned express companies and local logistics services to meet customers' different delivery deadlines.

5. Protective measures: During transportation, shockproof materials (such as bubble film) are used on the outside of the product to enhance protection to avoid damage caused by bumps or impacts.

6. Transportation costs: The transportation costs vary according to the transportation method, speed and distance selected by the customer. The specific costs can be determined through contract negotiation or based on real-time logistics quotes.

The above packaging and transportation information complies with industry standards and regulatory requirements to ensure that the information is true, accurate, and not exaggerated or misleading.
If your purchase was not delivered, is defective or damaged, you can request a refund
Corporate Information
QingdaoWeBeauty Arts&Crafts Co.,LTD
500 million
Total annual income
On-time delivery rate
Response time
Construction area
Service Guarantee
Service Information
West Coast New Zone,Qingdao,Shandong Province,China
Advisory Message
Pre-sales advice
Enterprise pre-sales consultation contact information:
1. Company name: Qingdao Weimei Arts and Crafts Co., Ltd.
2. Main products: eyelash, nail products and other beauty crafts
3. Trade type: Import and export trade
4. Business model: B2B
5. Consultation telephone: [15275278702]
6. Email: [[email protected]]
7. Official website: [Please provide a link to the company's official website or online consultation page]
8. Office address: [1612, T3 Floor, West Coast Center, Shandong Port Building, West Coast New District, Qingdao City, Shandong Province]
9. Working hours: [Please clearly state working days and time range]
After-sales service
After-sales service terms of Qingdao Weimei Arts and Crafts Co., Ltd.
1. Product quality assurance:
We promise to our customers that under normal storage and use conditions, all eyelash and nail products sold are in line with industry standards and the product description published by our company. If the product has defects due to manufacturing, materials or non-compliance, the customer can request replacement or maintenance to us within 7 days after receiving the goods.
two。 Return and exchange service:
If due to product quality problems or delivery errors, the customer has the right to request a return or exchange within 7 days after receiving the goods. Our company will bear the corresponding transportation cost of return and exchange of goods. The returned and exchanged products must be complete and unused and packed in good condition.
3. After-sales response time:
We promise to respond to any after-sales service request made by the customer within 24 hours after receiving the request and provide a preliminary solution.
4. After-sales technical support:
If customers encounter any problems in the use of the product, the company will provide free technical guidance service. Our professional technical support team will answer customer inquiries via email, telephone or online communication tools.
5. Confidentiality of information:
In the process of after-sales service, we strictly keep all the information provided by our customers confidential and ensure that this information is only used to solve customer after-sales service problems.
Please note that the above after-sales service terms do not apply to product damage caused by improper use or failure to follow the instructions, or damage caused by force majeure.
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