8D multi-layer thick cross imitation mink fur (5 pairs of fried fur)
Reveal the charm of the eyes. Qingdao Weimei creates high-quality 8D multi-layered false eyelashes. Professional material selection and innovative technology combine to bring you a natural and skin-friendly beauty experience, upgrade your daily makeup, and easily get thick and three-dimensional eyelashes. Try it now and let your beautiful eyes instantly attract attention!
QingdaoWeBeauty Arts&Crafts Co.,LTD in 2023
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Product Parameters
The main parameters
1. Product Name: 8D multi-layered dense staggered artificial mink hair false eyelashes
2. Material: Imitation mink fur
3. Length range: 15mm-26mm
4. Style: Multi-layered dense staggered design
5. Packaging specifications: 5 pairs per set
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Other parameters
1. Hierarchy: 8D stereo effect
2. Applicable people: Beauty enthusiasts, professionals
3. Features: Naturally soft, skin-friendly and comfortable
4. Security: Safe and comfortable to wear
5. Occasions of use: Daily and special occasion use
6. Trade Type: Import and export trade
7. Business Model: B2B
8. Market positioning: public
Product Details
Product Introduction
This 8D multi-layered dense and staggered artificial mink false eyelashes is designed for beauty lovers to enhance the density and layering of eyelashes. Made of high-quality imitation mink hair material, it is soft, natural, skin-friendly and comfortable, presenting a texture similar to real eyelashes, while ensuring the safety and comfort of wearing. Each set of products contains five pairs of false eyelashes to meet the needs of users for eyelashes in multiple occasions. After careful design, the length of this false eyelash ranges from 15mm to 26mm, taking into account the requirements of daily and special occasions. The unique 8D multi-layer design creates a dense and staggered three-dimensional effect, enhances the depth of the eyes, and highlights personal charm. The product is suitable for all kinds of beauty lovers, whether novices or professionals, they can easily create professional-level eye makeup effects. Qingdao Weimei Crafts Co., Ltd. promises to provide each customer with not only a product, but also a beautiful upgrade experience to help you show your unique personal style.
Advantages and features
1. High simulation texture: Made of high-quality imitation mink hair material, it is soft and natural, similar to real eyelashes, providing the wearer with a comfortable and skin-friendly experience.
2. Safe and comfortable design: After careful processing, it ensures the safety and long-term comfort of each false eyelash, suitable for sensitive skin around the eyes.
3. 8D three-dimensional effect: multi-level design fully enhances the density and layering of false eyelashes, creating a deep and three-dimensional eye makeup effect.
4. Flexible matching: Provide different lengths from 15mm to 26mm to meet the user's dressing needs for various occasions from daily to special.
5. Easy to operate: Suitable for users of all levels, whether novices or professionals, they can quickly get started and easily create professional eyelashes.
Application Scenario
1. Makeup enthusiasts: Whether you are a regular makeup lover or a consumer who needs to attend a specific occasion, you can use it conveniently.
2. Professional makeup artists: Staff in professional places such as nail salons and makeup rooms can use it as a product to provide eyelash extension services to customers.
3. Gift market: As a gift, it is suitable for friends and relatives who value external beauty and fashion matching, providing a beautiful surprise.
4. Film and television crews: Auxiliary products for makeup of roles required in professional fields such as film and television shooting, drama performances, and stage performances.
Ordering Information
Custom Request
1. Customized demand description: Customers need to clearly provide the specific style, length, density and special process (such as staggered layers, curling effect, etc.) of the required false eyelashes so that we can implement the detailed design of the product.

2. Technical requirements: Customized products must use the specified high-quality imitation mink hair material to ensure softness, naturalness, skin-friendly and comfortable, meet safety and durability standards, and be produced and inspected in accordance with industry regulations.

3. Quantity requirements: Customized orders must meet the minimum order quantity (MOQ) requirements, and the specific number depends on the product type and customer requirements. Bulk orders can enjoy price discounts and adjust production plans according to the order size.

4. Delivery period: Customers need to specify a clear delivery date in the contract. We will provide an estimated completion date based on the production schedule and logistics time, and jointly determine the final delivery time with the customer.

5. Customized price and payment method: The price of customized products will be evaluated and quoted based on the specific needs of the customer and the order quantity. Accept a variety of payment methods, including letters of credit, wire transfers or other methods agreed by both parties, and the deposit and balance must be paid according to the contract.

Note: The above customization requirements are based on the standard regulations issued by a company with trading and manufacturing capabilities. They truly reflect the common customization process specifications without exaggeration or misleading.
Packing and shipping
1. Packaging specifications: The product is packaged in a sturdy paper box with shockproof materials inside to ensure the stability and protection of the false eyelashes during transportation.
2. Transportation method: According to customer needs and order size, we provide a variety of transportation methods such as sea, air and land transportation.
3. Logo: The outer packaging is clearly printed with "fragile" and "keep dry" logos to ensure that the carrier handles the goods correctly.
4. Express delivery method: Cooperate with many international express companies such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, etc., support door-to-door service, and facilitate fast and safe delivery.
5. Protection measures: All packages are sealed and packaged, and have waterproof and dustproof measures to protect the products from damage in harsh environments.
6. Transportation costs: The cost is calculated based on the destination, transportation method and order quantity. Please inquire the customer service for the specific cost. Large quantities are preferred and detailed cost quotations are provided.
Payment method
If your purchase was not delivered, is defective or damaged, you can request a refund
Corporate Information
QingdaoWeBeauty Arts&Crafts Co.,LTD
500 million
Total annual income
On-time delivery rate
Response time
Construction area
Service Guarantee
Service Information
West Coast New Zone,Qingdao,Shandong Province,China
Advisory Message
Pre-sales advice
Enterprise pre-sales consultation contact information:
1. Company name: Qingdao Weimei Arts and Crafts Co., Ltd.
2. Main products: eyelash, nail products and other beauty crafts
3. Trade type: Import and export trade
4. Business model: B2B
5. Consultation telephone: [15275278702]
6. Email: [[email protected]]
7. Official website: [Please provide a link to the company's official website or online consultation page]
8. Office address: [1612, T3 Floor, West Coast Center, Shandong Port Building, West Coast New District, Qingdao City, Shandong Province]
9. Working hours: [Please clearly state working days and time range]
After-sales service
After-sales service terms of Qingdao Weimei Arts and Crafts Co., Ltd.
1. Product quality assurance:
We promise to our customers that under normal storage and use conditions, all eyelash and nail products sold are in line with industry standards and the product description published by our company. If the product has defects due to manufacturing, materials or non-compliance, the customer can request replacement or maintenance to us within 7 days after receiving the goods.
two。 Return and exchange service:
If due to product quality problems or delivery errors, the customer has the right to request a return or exchange within 7 days after receiving the goods. Our company will bear the corresponding transportation cost of return and exchange of goods. The returned and exchanged products must be complete and unused and packed in good condition.
3. After-sales response time:
We promise to respond to any after-sales service request made by the customer within 24 hours after receiving the request and provide a preliminary solution.
4. After-sales technical support:
If customers encounter any problems in the use of the product, the company will provide free technical guidance service. Our professional technical support team will answer customer inquiries via email, telephone or online communication tools.
5. Confidentiality of information:
In the process of after-sales service, we strictly keep all the information provided by our customers confidential and ensure that this information is only used to solve customer after-sales service problems.
Please note that the above after-sales service terms do not apply to product damage caused by improper use or failure to follow the instructions, or damage caused by force majeure.
100 boxes
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500 boxes
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1000 boxes
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Product Specifications Reference
15mm 18mm
Natural Thick style Long Skip
Natural black Dark Brown Other colors customized
Transparent plastic box Paper Box Magnetic buckle box Metal Cans Customized packaging
OEM service
Support OEM Support private customized LOGO 21mm 24mm 26mm
Minimum Order Quantity
100 boxes 300 boxes 500 boxes 1000 boxes
delivery time
Within 7 days Within 15 days Within 30 days Please consult customer service for specific time staggered payment

Payment method



If your purchase was not delivered, is defective or damaged, you can request a refund
Product Parameters
Product Details
Ordering Information
Corporate Information
Service Guarantee
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